Ask Questions!

We were trapped, riding in the car, as Rylee started playing 50 questions with her daddy.  She was letting them roll, asking another question, as soon as her daddy could get the answer out, to the previous one.  My husband was growing weary from all of the questions and asked her why she had to ask so many questions.  Without hesitation she replied, “Well, daddy, I just wanna be as smart as you!”

Oh, to be as a child at the foot of our Father’s throne learning from Him!  I couldn’t help but wonder how the Christian relationship could be with the Heavenly Father if we seek Him and inquire of Him as a wide eyed eager child.  Somewhere between the bliss and wonder of childhood and the shaky journey into the unknown of adulthood, we tend to loose our eagerness and our willingness to inquire and to learn.  We must never forget that there are countless lessons that we can benefit from ,in God’s word.  Knowledge of the word is a treasure.  For it is written in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”   Therefore, we must make God’s word our treasure and seek it with childlike wonderment.

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