God has blessed me with such an important role,

I am known as “Mother” to three tender souls.

The joy I have received from each of my children,

They have taught me how to grow and how to listen.

One sweet soul has taught me how to be a friend,

Another,  has taught me the importance of patience, this still, with no end.

My youngest has taught me the importance of a legacy,

How God’s love must be spread by my husband and by me.

I pray that as I travel down this road called motherhood,

That God will direct my paths, as I do what I should.

I pray for the eagerness and strength to try,

I pray that I will know what to do when I comfort my child’s cry.

I pray for forgiveness for the things I have done wrong,

I pray that each of my children will continue to grow strong.

Help me take the time to keep you in my sight,

Help me remember to pray, morning, noon, and night.

Guide me Father, as I guide my children to your throne,

And thank you so much for my babies, my husband, and my home.

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