Moms I Adore: The Enduring Mom

She lives for weeks at a time as a “single” mother of three.  Her husband’s job is demanding, and leaves her home alone with her children, yearning for the next time he comes in to be home.  Because of this life, I have selected this woman as the Enduring Mom.  She lives a holy and upright life and serves the Lord with all of her being.  She cleaves to her God with such an awesome faith and goes to Him for everything.  She is an excellent wife, and mother to her three little ones.  Though busy, and tired from her full time job and managing the home without her husband for weeks at a time, she still finds the time, strength, and love to raise her kids in the Lord and open their eyes to Him in the things she does every day.  She is such a wonderful example of patience and of self-control.  She is strong enough to take care of her children all on her own, and even more importantly, she is strong enough to ask the help of others when she needs a break.  I feel this is why she is such a good mother.  She takes time for herself, which is pretty few and far between, and she uses that time to give herself a break from the demands that try to overtake her.  I am so proud of this person and the wife and mother she is.  She is such an active member of the Church, and she makes sure that her kids are as well.  Though exhausted from the day, you can see her, sometimes with kids in both arms, hurrying through the Church doors so she and the kids can attend services.  When her husband is home, you can see all of them at services so happy to be with one another and in the company of their brothers and sisters in Christ.  This woman is blessed, and worthy of praise.  “The heart of her husband safely trust her” (Prov 31:11), “Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come” (Prov 31:25), “A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised”(Prov 31:30).  Thank you Enduring Mom for the example you are to me and many others, may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and your family.

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One thought on “Moms I Adore: The Enduring Mom

  1. Phyllis Shelby says:

    I loved this! Reminds me of someone I know! You and I are truley blessed! Love ya Ashley! Your Aunt Phyllis

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