Most Embarrassing Mommy Moment?

Come on ladies, spill the beans, what is one, or if you are like me, some, of your most embarrassing moments from motherhood.  I have so many, it is hard to choose just one, so I will name a few of my claims to shame, please, post yours freely!

* While in the bathroom stall with Rylee, I so generously gave her the last of the toilet paper, when it was my turn, I had to “shake it off”.  Exiting the stall, Rylee exclaimed loudly in front of 5 women, “EWWWW gross Mommy, you didn’t wipe!”

*While in Walmart we were standing next to a hispanic lady and Rylee decided since she looked Hispanic, she should speak spanish, so Rylee looked at her and said “Ooolah!”  The woman ignored her, so she said it louder “Ooolah!” “Como Estas?”  The woman looked at her, kind of aggrivated and said “I do not speak spanish.”  Rylee said “How come, you are mexican!”

*  Kadence looked at a woman in Walmart and loudly said “Momma, is that thing a boy or a girl, I can’t tell.”

* Zeek had a diaper leak in the playgound equipment at Chick Fill A and Rylee slid down into it, we had to walk both of em out with poop all over their backsides.

Please, feel free to share your stories!  If it wasn’t for the humor during these times, we would not be able to make it through these moments, learn to laugh at yourself!  Have a blessed day.

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4 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Mommy Moment?

  1. Shelly says:

    Oh, my Ashley Rylee speaking spanish in Walmart– What a hoot!

    – Owen was in Children’s church. And they were talking about messing up and that parents some times mess up. And Owen LOUDLY says, “My mommy argues”. And yes that week Nathan and I had a few discussions.

    – This Sunday Owen didn’t want to go to Children’s Bible Hour (yes we have changed the name and style) So, he stayed in church with me. Nathan came in and had been in the hall with Mark. He didn’t feel good so we got up to leave (During Scripture reading) and Owen…again Loudly says, “Bye, Zachary!” Who sits like 6 rows in front of us….but wasn’t there because he went to Bible Hour.

    I am sure there are more…but that is what I can think of right now.

  2. Kim says:

    I propose you write a book called Public Potty Displays, or something to that effect. This is hilarious, and a self-esteem builder for all moms.

  3. Janan says:

    I heard one on the radio this morning. A lady was standing in line with her child and a large black lady was standing in front of them and the child said, “Look moma, it’s Fat Albert”!

    • Kaye Wiley says:

      Oh em gee. Those are hilarious. My daughter will be three next month so she’s just now starting to say really funny things. I took a bath with her one time, the only time i’ve taken a bath with her lol and she looked at my boobs and said “Why do you have what nana has?” haha. How do you answer that?!

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