A Second Look

I love no bake cookies.  I make them so much that I have the recipe down by heart and can mix up a batch as soon as the craving for one hits me.  They are a peanut buttery, chocolaty delight to my taste buds and the flavor of them sends me into a state of sheer joy.   One day, the urge for one hit me, so I went into the kitchen, gathered all the ingredients, and made my little delicacies.  Much to my surprise, they did not set right, and the batch was ruined.  I forgot to add an ingredient.  I got out my recipe card for the cookies that had been tucked away for years, and took a look.  I added 2 cups of oats instead of 3.  I couldn’t believe it, after making my special treats for so long how could I have forgotten the amount of oats to put into the batch?  I scavenged what I could and fixed my problem and enjoyed my batch of no bake cookies, I had to eat them with a spoon, but they were still just as delicious.

As a daily Bible reader, I tend to overlook some of my favorite passages because I already have them memorized by heart. The other day, I found myself skimming through Deuteronomy 11 verses 18-21.  This familiar passage deals with how the word of God should always be in our hearts and in our minds as we teach them to our children.  It tells us how important His words are for each and every one of us.  I have heard that passage read and studied and preached so many times in so many different ways that I could quote it, so I skimmed over it.  As I did this, I remembered my cookie recipe and how I missed an important ingredient because I relied on my memory instead of the directions.  I went back and re-read the passage and was renewed again with its words.

The word of God is such a powerful source of strength and hope to everyone who reads of it.  We must allow ourselves to dig deep into the word and study its every passage, even though sometimes, most of them we know by heart.  A second look can make the passage come to life in a new way and bring us new insight into our walk with the Lord.  The next time you find yourself on familiar ground in your daily Bible reading plan, slow down, and read the words as if you have never read them before. Go deeper into the passage and break it down into smaller parts and study it critically.  Grab a good commentary or Bible dictionary, and really dig into the meaning of the passage.  In doing this, you will gain a renewed knowledge of the word and its powers will be made known to you again and again.

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One thought on “A Second Look

  1. kdmauck says:

    I too am a love of no-bakes. Great satisfaction of a chocolate craving! And great metaphor for approaching God’s Word with fresh eyes every time. Love it!

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