Do Not Grow Weary

As a mom, I perform many day to day tasks that seem unending and mundane.  I always have laundry to fold, dishes to be washed, floors to clean, mouths to feed, and places to go.  Most of the time, when the cleaning and upkeep tasks are being done, I find myself grumbling most of the time wishing we had a maid so I could get on to more “important” things.  As I sit here now, I have a full sink of dishes and a kitchen floor that desperately needs to be swept, and a few hours later, I will have to sweep it again.  My role as a wife and mother have many many benefits, but some of the duties I must perform seem to have none.

2 Thessalonians chapter 3 verses 6-15 speak about the dangers of idleness, and how we are to toil and labor for everything that we are able to call ours.  I believe that in this passage, Paul is encouraging us to find the purpose and value in the day to day tasks that we all perform and by doing so, set an example to others around us.  As  Christians, If we slack on the work that needs to be done whether it be in the home, or in the workplace, we are in danger of setting a bad example to our family and co- workers.  We are all called to a higher purpose in everything that we do, and our Christian character can always be evident if we put forth every effort to show our dedication and willingness to serve. As a mom, if I allow someone else to perform the duties that are my responsibility in the home, I am missing out on an opportunity to serve my family and be blessed for that service.  I am also missing out on the opportunity to show my children that when I tend to the needs of others, in the form of cooking, and cleaning, and mending, I am tending to the needs of my Lord.  Likewise, if those of you in the workplace do not give 100 percent to your jobs, you are missing out on an opportunity of service, and setting a bad example to others around you.

I believe that Paul understood the tasks that we perform can seem to overload us all at times.  In verse 13 it states, “As for you brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.” In the passage before this, Paul says, “…we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.”   As you set out to perform the tasks that you must do today to make your living, or serve your family, remember that we are doing what the Lord commands us to do, and in doing so we are providing for our families and setting an example to those who see us work diligently, and quietly.  I can honestly say that I am not jumping out of my seat right now to fold the massive pile of laundry on the floor, but I can say that I will do it in service to my family and in service to the Lord.  When I put tasks such as these in that kind of perspective, it makes the tasks just a bit more bearable, and helps me to be a little less weary.


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12 thoughts on “Do Not Grow Weary

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you Ashley. I really needed this today.

  2. Courtney Thomas says:

    I really needed that this week. I have been in a bit of a pitty party because of people that take advantage of others. This totally puts things in a whole new perspective and gives me a new way to look at those situations. Thanks Ashley!!!

  3. Thanks for this great post! I definitely needed to hear that before my big weekly cleaning tomorrow.

  4. Carrie says:

    Hey ya! Great mom blog with a lot of honesty and sincerity. Come check out mine and follow if you want when you get a sec.

  5. Hi I found your blog through the Mommy blogger club. I couldn`t agree more. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    • hudsonfive says:

      Thanks for looking me up, your blog site is so cute and original, something is wrong with the archives because I couldn’t look at any of your posts, but I am looking forward to them 🙂

  6. I needed this, as I still need to do dishes tonight. Love the verse from Paul.

  7. Shanna says:

    Hi, I am new @ MBC. I am following your blog now. I would love for you to visit me @ Please GFC follow, Face book & Twitter follow me! Have a great week!

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