Moms I Adore: Mother of a Teen

I am a mother to a 3, 5, and 9 year old and even though the baby and toddler years have been challenging, I am completely terrified of the teen years.  That is why I adore you, Mother of a Teen.  The wisdom and patience you have to build upon is truly a blessing, and your dedication to your child is strong.  I know how your heart breaks when your teen begins to “speak their mind” and lash out against you and the family that you have so carefully built with love.  Teenage years are so full of uncertainty, battles, and boundaries being crossed.  But yet, you stand your ground, and love your teen throughout it all, and you are there for them even though they think they don’t need you.  You fight with them, you fight for them, and you fight to keep them on the right track.  You hold on to your faith that the Lord will provide opportunities to help your teen grow in the Truth, and you keep that Truth evident in your life.  I believe no other prayer is as fervent, powerful, and effective as the prayer of a mother of a teen teetering on the edge of worldly desires.  Your prayers are pure and unselfish, and you would give your all to keep your teen from destruction.  Rest in the Lord, Mother of a Teen, He tells us that the “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16)     You survived the birth of your child, the sleepless nights and unending feedings.  You survived the tantrums of your toddler and the grade school years of being awkward and teased.  You can also survive this, the years of I -know-everything, and mom-and-dad-know-nothing.  You help them understand that you do in fact, know what they are going through, and do not forget to share the problems you had, and be willing to admit when you have done something wrong.  Continue to train them up in the Lord, and in doing so, when they are old, they will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

I adore you, mother of a teen, your strength and courage amaze me, and I am so glad that you love your child enough to not let them go just yet, because in your wisdom, you know what is best.  Fight the good fight, and finish this race called the teen years.  Being blessed to parent them is no easy task, but just remember that you were placed in charge of this precious child of God, and it is your job to point them back to Him, back to the Creator, and in doing so, the strife and lessons learned from their teen years will carry them on to become better workers in the kingdom if you do not give up.  May God continue to bless you on this journey.

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One thought on “Moms I Adore: Mother of a Teen

  1. shekinah419 says:

    I used to fear and dread the teenage years. But I learned that each stage has it’s own delights. The most important thing when they get there, is to talk talk talk. Even when they get silent. y/

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