Jake 2.8

My husband is a technology fanatic.  He is in-the-know when it comes to all things technological.  He keeps up with all of the upgrades for his favorite devices, and had a tendency to be seen with a new phone every once in a while, testing it to see if it is the best on the market.  We all laugh and poke fun at him, but he just smiles and brags about all of the cool things his devices can do, and how they make our lives easier.  I hate to admit it, but its true.  The upgrades he has placed in our household always makes things a bit more easier, and for that I am thankful.

Today, I have received a new upgrade so to speak.  My techi-junky has turned another year older, and with another year, comes new upgrades.  Just as my husband works to upgrade all of his devices, he strives even more to upgrade himself as well.  This year, I have turned in my Jake 2.7 for a new and improved Jake 2.8.  My husband is not the man I married, and you know, I am thankful for that.

When we were young and Jake was going through boot camp, and his mission in Egypt, he would write to me the sweetest, most romantic love letters and poems.  His words were so true and real, and full of love and dedication.  In the middle of Jake’s mission in Egypt, he decided that when he returned, he was going to be a minister, and dedicate the rest of his life to spreading the word.  When he returned, that is just what he did.  We packed up and left Madill, and headed to OKC so he could attend college.  With this decision, he has used his amazing way with words to spread the word to seeking souls.  He re-focused his life and his talent with words, and set them on the Lord.  He writes beautiful sermons, devotionals, and blog posts, rich with scripture all for the purpose of glorifying the Lord.  Putting me second, and the Lord first ,was his first big upgrade, and one I am eternally grateful for. The talent he used to sweep me off my feet in a romantic whirlwind, has been re-purposed to serve our Creator, even though, he still saves some amazing words for me.

Another upgrade my husband has received has been with our children.  I remember how awkward he was holding our first child.  he was so afraid he was going to break her.  This was an awkwardness I possessed too, as we raised our first child.  As years went on, and two more babies blessed our lives, Jake became a pro.   His awkwardness was replaced with confidence in training, leading, and instructing.  He has faith that if he “train(s) up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).  He takes time to be with our children, to play with them, and discipline them when needed.  More importantly, he shows them the example of God’s justice and mercy when he makes true the promises he makes to them, and to me.  He makes our home feel secure in his love and protection.  All of us who are under Jake’s wing know that he always has our best interest at heart, and that he will love ans serve each of us to the best of his ability with the Lord’s guidance to carry him through.

Jake has also come leaps and bounds with this next upgrade.  My sweet, sweet husband tended to have a bit of a short-fuse.  His parents joke around about which side of the family this trait has come from, and I still think there is much debate in the matter, but, I am pleased to announce that the Jake 2.8 edition has put out this spark of temper flares.  He still has a zeal instilled within him, but again, this zeal and passion had been re-routed to be used to glorify the Lord and do His will.    He tackles things head on and will NOT give up until the task has been completed.  He has developed patience in the things he does, and the patience has taken over his short temper moments when things are not going how they should.  He laughs more at the serious stuff, and believes that God is in control and needs little help from the things Jake can do as a human.

There are many things still in their original form with Jake, that will never change or be upgraded.  He has an amazing personality that draws others to him.  He has an onrey streak that I am sure will never go away.  He helps others when he is able, and has a sincere, seeking heart.  I am thankful for his growth in the Lord and for the growth he has encouraged me to do.  His role as a husband, father, and minister is tough, I know, and contains with it immeasurable responsibilities, but he has a firm foundations to stand himself upon.   The verse that sums up my husband and the life he lives would have to be in 1 Timothy 4:5 when it states, “But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”  Jake does these things with zeal each and every day.  He fulfills his ministry in his marriage, in his parenthood, and in his campus ministry  with a strong watchful heart, and endurance.

Happy birthday Jakey-Poo 😉  You are an amazing man with so much to offer.  Thank you for continuing to better yourself in the Lord, I can’t wait for the Jake 2.9 edition!

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One thought on “Jake 2.8

  1. JL May says:

    Great analogy – Love it!!

    Thank you for reminding all of us to take time to pause, Be Still, and evaluate areas ready or in need of an upgrade -you know, to “make life easier”!

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