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Transparent Christianity

Several months ago, as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feeds, a certain status caught my attention.  As I read it, my heart broke.  The friend who wrote it was very upset by the behavior of a woman who was coming to my friend for help.  Apparently, the woman in need was a “Christian” and her attitude and language was in direct contradiction to whom she claimed to be.  The next part of the status is what broke my heart.  The friend wrote something to the effect of how she didn’t even bother with church or trying to be a Christian because it was people like the rude lady who turned her off to trying to be something she was not.  To make things worse, several other people wrote things such as “Christians are hypocrites! I see them in the club on Saturday night, then see them post about the wonderful Church service they attended on Sunday Morning!”  “I will never bother with Christianity, as long as I am a good person, it is all that matters.”

Now, I can go a whole other direction in as to why, as Christians, we should always conduct ourselves in a holy manner.  About how we simply cannot blatantly sin and take advantage of what God has given us, but instead, I just want to share why I am a Christian and in doing so, I hope and pray that these words may cause someone who is outside of Christ to truly explore, and think about why they too, are very precious and very deserving of what Christianity has to offer.

Mercy.  I am a Christian because of mercy.  I am aware of it each time I pray, each time I fail, each time I walk through the doors of my congregation and praise the One who gives me mercy.  Do you know what mercy is?  Mercy is “compassion or forgiveness towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.”  It is, in a sense, getting away from a very deserving punishment.  Yesterday, just a day after I realized my tag was out, I was approached by a police officer in the parking lot of my kid’s school.  (And yes, my poor kids, and I were so very embarrassed to be going through this in the school parking lot.)  I was guilty.  I was breaking the law, and was very deserving of the punishment.  I explained that I just noticed the tag the day before while putting groceries in my van, and was surprised to see it well overdue.  I was baffled as to why I didn’t receive my renewal notice.  None of it mattered though, because I stood guilty.  The officer was very understanding, and told me to go park my van until I got the tag taken care of.  I was off the hook!  I was in serious trouble because of my tag and the fact I was driving without a license, because I left my purse at home.  But he let me go.  That is mercy.  I deserved punishment, but the officer walked away.Image

This very same principal is why I am a Christian.  I believe God exists and He rules all.  I believe in his son Jesus and I believe that Jesus went to the cross because of God’s love for mankind.  I believe in God’s justice, and the wonderful choice He gives to us to follow Him or not.  But even so, the thing that still keeps me in awe is the fact that Jesus chose me to save.  He chose death so I can receive mercy from the Father.  I am a Christian because I chose to accept the gift of mercy, and I am living a life of thankfulness and obedience to God because of the sacrifice.  I am a sinner.  I have my struggles and my fallouts.  I get testy with my kids, and I argue with my husband.  I get caught up in jealousy, and I struggle with my intentions.  Being a Christian does not mean I am a saint, a better than you person, or a Bible thumper.  Being a Christian means I am accepting the mercy offered to me.  Being a Christian means I try my best every day to life for Christ because he died for me.  It means cutting the ties with the sinful life I used to lead, and removing myself from situations that may tempt me.  It means I will wake every morning to be a better person because I know I can be.

Yes, I am one of those crazy people who attends each service, and each activity.      I do not go to cover up the skeletons in my closet, or to cast judgment on those who are not church-goers like me.  I go to worship the Father and be with my family in Christ.  I go to be uplifted by the Word, and learn more about what God wants from me.  I go to participate in  taking  communion like Christ asks his followers to do in remembrance of him.  I go because I am part of a family, learning and loving together in His name.  I don’t go to flaunt how great I am to the others there, but I go because I am a sinner in need of prayer and encouragement.   As a Church family, we share our struggles, our joys, our doubts, and our questions about the faith we are to have.  We admit mistakes and ask our friends to encourage us to resist making the mistakes again.  We raise our kids together, and are in each others homes often.

So you see friends, this is the life I live.  This is the Christianity that I am a part of, and I am so sorry that for some of you, Christianity, because of the examples of others, has been a smoke and mirrors act.  It simply is not. The Church is full of admitted sinners, just wanting to love and be loved.  We receive a reward that we do not deserve and we  dedicate our lives to living Godly. Dedicated Christians know life is more about just trying to be good.  We simply cannot find our way to eternity with God if we do not follow Jesus.  He gave, and we must receive, mercy cannot be given to someone who does not want, or thinks that they don’t need it.

I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of peace I have because I am safe in God’s arms.  I want that for everyone, and if nothing, I hope this blog entry will cause those of you who are not dedicated to the Lord to take a second look, ask questions, and go to the Bible for the answers.  This is who I am, a transparent Christian, with a beautiful story of grace and forgiveness.  I am  willing  to admit how much of a sinner I am because in doing so, my story reveals just how amazing God is and how if you allow Him, He can do so much more than you can ever imagine.  I am the sinner getting pulled over in front of my children’s school while other kids shout, “Look!  Our preacher’s wife got pulled over!”.    I was shown mercy when I had no reason to deserve it.  THAT my friends is what Christianity is.  A choice to give your life to God out of a knowing that you alone are not enough.  It is a dependance on Christ, a choice to abandon selfishness and live for something bigger, a love that cannot be measured.

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Charlotte’s Clothes

I have a beautiful friend who has an amazing wardrobe.  She has all the latest fashions and I am sure, outdated fashions that she just knows will come back one of these days.  I came over to her house the other day because she cleaned out her closet and had some of her old clothing for sale.  I felt the urgent need to come over and dig around because I just knew I would find some amazing new stuff just for me.  As I rummaged through her clothing I was in awe of all the textures, colors, patterns, and fit of the clothing.  I tried things on and did spins in the mirror, trying to find that piece that said “Ashley.”  With almost every piece I tried on, I found a problem.  Some pieces were too big or too small, a few of the tops made me feel as if I looked pregnant, and others made me look like a football player.  I began to get discouraged because I remembered the clothes looking great on Charlotte and they looked just plain awful on me.  I bagged up the things that looked close to being a “Ashley” item and brought them to their new home.

Weeks after having the new clothes in my closet, I still felt as if they were Charlotte’s, I could see her as I looked at myself in the mirror with them on.  I began to realize that she had created her own unique fashion identity through her clothing that was all of her own, and my identity was no where to be found.  As Christians, I believe we struggle with this type of identity crisis as well.  We try on different hats in order to find our way in this world only to feel as if we are trying to be someone else, or not feeling quite comfortable with the role that we have decided to place ourselves in.  We struggle with where our identities come from, and  we tend to place our identities in worldly things.  When we introduce ourselves to someone else, we usually explain what we do for a living as if it explains who we are.   The definition of our identity lies within our Creator.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul writes to the church in Ephesus to show them their position in Christ, and how to walk in that position accordingly.  He tells them in chapter two that they were made alive, (vs 1) raised up together, (vs 6) and we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works (vs 10).  Our identity is in the blood of Christ.  Our identity is in the grace that we have received.  Our identity is found in that amazing bond between brothers and sisters in Christ as we come together to worship the Lord and do His will.  So what is our main identity?  We are Christians.  We were bought at a price, (1 Cor 6:20) and we were made to love and serve our Creator.  The titles we have created for ourselves can never create that kind of sense of belonging and security.  When you look at your life, do you see your identity in Christ or in worldly things?  As I gazed at myself in Charlotte’s clothes, I saw someone else, I saw no identity of my own.  I was looking in the wrong place.  Search your heart today and ask yourself “Where have I placed my identity?”

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