The Great Comforter

As a Christian, I feel as if it is a bittersweet duty to bear one another’s burdens in Christ with those who are in the brotherhood.  I have found myself over the past few days in fervent prayer to my Father on behalf of a vivacious pre-teen teetering on the outcome of a test.  Tonight, my worst fears were realized as I received the news that the tests reveled our precious Maggie to have cancer.  The word ate through my heart, and left me scrambling for my own children, just to embrace them and thank the Lord for their health. I feel helpless, and a bit angry at the circumstances surrounding this amazing family, and I have been searching as to where to go from here now that the news has been spread.

I believe that this trial in the small town of Madill, Oklahoma can first begin its healing through the Great Comforter.  I believe that just the simple fact of Christ’s love and death for us and the hope of heaven for those who are in him will help us all face even our darkest hour.  I believe the healer of our hearts will shine light through any circumstance, and he will guide us and protect us in this life.  I also believe that we have a mediator to our Heavenly Father who murmurs for us the feelings we do not even know how to express.  I believe in the healing power of prayer and the holy and majestic will of God, and I believe that whatever His will may be, His strength will guide us through.

The trials and temptations we face in this life do not have the power to defeat our souls.  God’s Word explains to us that He is with us always, we are to be strong and courageous with no fear, and that the peace of God will rule in our hearts.  We will be comforted and protected no matter what the storm, and God’s peace will guard us from the burdensome waves.  I have faith that good will come of this trial Maggie, I have faith that God will see you through it every step of the way, and that He has never left you, nor will He ever.  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)  By faith simple men have done great things and by faith we are going to look ahead and hope for the plans the Lord has for us which are unseen.  It is my prayer that His healing hand of mercy and comfort are on all who have been affected by this news.    It is my prayer that the Lord’s will be done and that we all receive His peace and strength as we strengthen each other, and carry one another’s burdens to Him in prayer.  It is my prayer to you Maggie, Pam, and Sheridan that the “Lord bless you and keep you, that His face may shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:25-26)  It is my prayer that all others reading this will lift this special family up in your prayers daily as they fight this new battle that has been placed in front of them and that the Great Comforter will see the battle through.

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